The Dream Belongs to the Dreamer

Velva Lee Heraty, MSW,

Certified Jungian Depth Psychotherapist



We all dream.  Many of us spend restless nights tossing and turning over mysterious, provocative dream images and symbols.Images and symbols that can be both intriguing and terrifying. Sometimes we have a BIG dream, a dream that haunts us for months.Other times nightmares hold us in their grip, our hearts pounding. Perhaps we cry out.  Some nights we may have a sensuous bodydream or a garden-variety dream that rehashes the day’s events.

Whatever type of dream we have, most of us are adrift and confused by its impact and meaning.  Often we run to a bookstore, go online, or visit a library to look up the symbols,  thus giving our precious dream away to a total stranger.  After reading this book you'll never be confused by a dream and its meaning again.


Imagine yourself standing on the shore at the edge of a vast sea stretching as far as you can see. You're a busy person with many demands on your time but as you stand there in your quieter moments you wonder how far away the other shore is or does the sea roll on forever? Then one restless day you imagine the far shore. It seems to call to you and something very deep inside you stirs. It feels like an awakening. You look back and see that nothing has changed but then, once you look forward, the beckoning feels stronger. You begin to pace the shoreline wanting more.  More what?  The answer isn't clear but the feeling strengthens. Then one day you suddenly realize you need to go to the far shore.

As this need becomes urgent, off in the distance you see a small vessel growing larger as it nears.  You eagerly hail it waving both arms and in a few compelling moments your journey to the far shore begins.  You never look back.

Table of Contents

Preface and Introduction

About the Author

Chapter I - Understanding the Challenge

Chapter II - The Three Guiding Principles

Chapter III - Finding the Primary Symbol-Julia's Dream

Chapter IV - Our Theoretical Guides-A Brief Introduction

Chapter V - To the Heart of Your Dreams

Chapter VI - The Primary Symbol

Chapter VII - Deeper Work with Symbols

Chapter VIII - The Subjective Nature of Dreams-Bill's Dream

Chapter IX Rest and  Review

Chapter X - Archetypes

Chapter XI - The Primary Symbol as an Archetype--Tom's Dream

Chapter XII - Archetypes and Dream Theory

Chapter XIII - The Shadow Transformed-Amanda's Dream

Chapter XIV - The Hero’s Journey-Peter's Dream

Chapter XV - The Far Shore

Reference I: - What's Your Dream IQ?

Reference  II: - Glossary of Terms

Reference III: - The Dreamer’s Toolkit

Reference IV: - Dream Momma's Art Gallery

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